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Postdoctoral Fellows

Graduate Students

Visiting Scholars

Honorary Members


Who are they When were they here Where they went
Bahram Yoosefizonooz Visiting (2017) Postdoc at U Montreal
Elahe Arani Visiting (2017) Postdoc at U Montreal
Luca Lonini Postdoc (2017) Postdoc with Arun at Northwestern U
Ravi Garg Undergrad Research Researcher at Northwestern U
Sohrob Saeb Postdoc (2017) Neuroscience in Bay Area
Eva Dyer Postdoc (2017) Assistant Professor, Dept of Biomedical Engineering at Georgia Tech and Emory U
Pavan Ramkumar Postdoc (2017) A secret startup in bay area
Pat Lawlor Graduate student (2016) Northwestern Medical school
Hugo Fernandes Postdoc (2016) rockets of awesome
Torben Noto Rotation Student (2016) Northwestern
Vivek Sagar Rotation Student (2016) Northwestern
David Brandfonbrener Visiting Scholar (2016) PhD Student, Yale university
Daniel E. Acuna Postdoc (2016) iSchool at Syracuse
Mohammad Azar Postdoc (2016) Google Deepmind, secret location in London
Cong Yin (Lily) Visiting scholar (2015-2016) Peking University
Youguo Chen Visiting scholar (2014 - 2015) Associate Professor, Southwest University, Chongqing, China
Max Berniker Postdoc (2014) Asst Prof, Univ of Illinois at Chicago, Mechanical & Industrial Eng
Mathieu d’Acremont Postdoc (2014) -
Iris Vilares Graduate Student (2009-2013) Postdoc, University of Virginia and University College London (w. Peter Dayan)
Ben Walker Research Engineer (2010-2013) MS in ME at Northwestern University, Masanet lab
Bill Lotter Research Scientist (2012-2013) PhD at MIT
Mark Albert (Dec 2009 - Dec 2012) Asst Prof, Loyola University, Computer Science
Yoshiyuki (Yoshi) Sato Visiting Professor (2012 - 2013) Asst Prof, Univ of Electro-Communications, Tokyo
Petra Conaway Clinical Coordinator (2012) Continuing her work at RIC
Rich Li Rotation Student (Fall 2012) Continuing Rotations
James Ellis Rotation Student (Fall 2012) Continuing Rotations
Hamid Buini Summer Intern (2012) University of Southern Florida
AmberLace Moore Summer Intern (2012) Spelman College
Mayowa Agbaje-Williams Clinical Coordinator (Summer 2012) Univ. Illinois Chicago School of Pharmacy
Florian Neubauer Visiting Scholar (2011 - 2012) PostDoc in Switerland
Qiang (Chris) Chen Rotation Student (Spring 2012) Raphael Pinaud’s lab at Northwestern
Ranit Sengupta Rotation Student (Fall 2011) Finishing rotations
Ian Stevenson Grad Student (2006-2011) Asst Prof. University of Connecticut
Andrew Cichowski MD rotation student (Summer 2011) Feinberg Med School MD program
James Howard Rotation Student (Winter 2009) Jay Gottfried’s Lab at Northwestern
Kunlin Wei Postdoc (2006-2009) Assc Prof, Beijing University, Dept of Psychology
Ricardo Ruiz Torres Rotation Student (Spring 2009) Lee Miller’s Lab at Northwestern
Gregory Dam Grad Student (2006-2009) Jim Houk’s Lab at Northwestern
Daniel Wert SINE Intern (2008) BME Grad student at LeTourneau University
Nicholas Bowman Rotation Student (Winter 2007) Jay Gottfried’s Lab at Northwestern
Taro Kiritani Rotation Student (Winter 2007) Gordon Shepard’s Lab at Northwestern
Rashmi Sarnaik Rotation Student (Winter 2007) JC Cang’s Lab at Northwestern
Emily Oby Rotation Student (Fall 2006) Lee Miller’s Lab at Northwestern