Felipe Parodi




Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Felipe studied Neuroscience and Economics at the University of Miami from 2015-2019. As an undergraduate, Felipe conducted research on neurolinguistic pain modulation in the Social and Cultural Neuroscience Lab. Following graduation, he worked as a Psychometrician for First Choice Neurology, where he helped refine a screening instrument as a predictor of cognitive dysfunction in white and Hispanic geriatric populations. Outside of the lab, Felipe plays soccer, occasionally engages in people-watching, and is on a quest to make (and find!) the perfect burger.

Research Interests

Felipe is conducting a co-rotation under Konrad Kording and Michael L. Platt on non-human primate tracking. His project largely involves attempting to define (and refine) methods that combine analysis of naturalistic, unrestrained behavior with measures of neural activity. He is also interested in applying machine learning techniques to understand how real and artificial brains can optimize behavior.