Pat Lawlor

(312) 238-6515

Office: Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago 1479

Google Scholar Profile


I’m an MD/PhD student at NU working on my PhD research after having completed the first two years of medical school. I studied physics at the University of Texas at Austin where I worked on projects involving molecular motor biophysics, molecular imaging, and auditory neuroscience. During my PhD, I’ve mainly been building models to understand neural activity.

Research Interests

I’m interested in using computational and statistical tools to solve problems in biology and medicine, especially in neuroscience. I enjoy collaborating with other groups - no problem is too strange!

Current projects

  1. Visual search: behavior, electrophysiology, and modeling
  2. Models of single-trial dynamics in spike trains
  3. Correlations and connectivity during associative learning
  4. Computational approaches to cancer
  5. Health care informatics



Outside of science

Soccer, climbing, reading (what I’m reading now)