Ilenna Jones

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Ilenna graduated from Dartmouth College in 2015, majoring in Neuroscience and specializing in cellular and molecular Neuroscience. She worked as a technician on epigenetic psychiatry at Johns Hopkins University for 2 years and then started her PhD in Neuroscience at UPenn in 2017. Leaning into her longtime latent interest, she jumped into Computational Neuroscience and started working in Konrad Kording’s lab in 2018. She loves stories, music, dancing, biking, and having good conversations over tasty food.

Research Interests

What can we learn by building models of the brain?

Building dendritically detailed neurons using deep neural networks.

Thinking about dendritic computation in terms of both role and capacity.


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Ilenna Jones and Konrad Kording, “Might a Single Neuron Solve Interesting Machine Learning Problems Through Successive Computations on Its Dendritic Tree?”. Neural Computation, May 2021. (Previously entitled: “Can single neurons solve MNIST? The computational power of biological dendritic trees” in ArXiv 2020.)

Roozbeh Farhoodi, Kashayar Filom, Ilenna Jones, and Konrad Kording. “On functions computed on trees”. Neural Computation. September 2019

Ilenna Jones, and Konrad Kording. “Quantifying the role of neurons for behavior is a mediation question”. Cambridge University Press. November 2019. (A commentary in response to “Is Coding a Relevant Metaphor for the Brain?” by Romain Brette, 2018)