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predict first, ask questions later


Modeling the representation of hue in visual area V4 during natural scene viewing
with Ramkumar P, Smith MA and Körding KP

spykes: a collection of python tools for visualization and analysis of neural data
with Ramkumar P

Synthetic neurophysiology using deep convolutional neural networks
with Ramkumar P, Smith MA and Körding KP


Cracking the neural code: a cryptography-inspired approach to brain decoding
Dyer EL*, Azar MG*, Fernandes HL, Perich MG , Lee ME, Körding KP (*authors contributed equally)

Quantifying mesoscale neuroanatomy using X-ray microtomography
Dyer EL, Roncal, WG, Fernandes HL, Gursoy D, Xiao X, Vogelstein JT, Jacobsen C, Körding KP, Kasthuri N


In my opinion, I mean, and I’m probably totally wrong (Dinosaur Comics)


Predicting difficult laryngoscopy using ultrasound-based measurement of distance from skin to epiglottis
Pinto J, Cordeiro L, Pereira C, Gama R, Fernandes HL, Assunção J
Journal of Critical Care (Abstract, Letter to Editor, Reply to Letter)


Modeling peripheral visual acuity enables discovery of gaze strategies at multiple time scales during natural scene search
Ramkumar P, Fernandes H, Kording K, Segraves M
Journal of Vision (Article)

Using psychophysics to ask if the brain samples or maximizes
Acuna DE*, Berniker M*, Fernandes HL*, Körding KP (*authors contributed equally)
Journal of Vision (Article, F1000 recommendation)

Typos: 1. It should read: “To create the splashes, we sampled four dots from … with two different standard deviations (2.5% of the screen width and 10% of the screen width).”; 2. In Equation 6: s2 instead of c2.


The generalization of prior uncertainty during reaching
Fernandes HL, Stevenson IH, Vilares I, Körding KP
Journal of Neuroscience (Abstract, PDF, Review paper)

Saliency and saccade encoding in the frontal eye field during natural scene search
Fernandes HL, Stevenson IH, Phillips AN, Segraves MA, Körding KP
Cerebral Cortex (Abstract, PDF, Supp)

Visualizing Armed Groups: The Democratic Republic of the Congo’s M23 in Focus
Nangini C, Jas M, Fernandes HL, Muggah R
Stability (Article, PDF, Visualization)

2009-2013 PhD

Primary motor cortical discharge during force field adaptation reflects muscle-like dynamics (2013)
Cherian A, Fernandes HL, Miller LE
Journal of Neurophysiology (Article, PDF)

Generalization of stochastic visuomotor rotations (2012)
Fernandes HL, Stevenson IH, Körding KP
PLoS ONE (Article, PDF)

Differential representations of prior and likelihood uncertainty in the human brain (2012)
Vilares I, Howard JD, Fernandes HL, Gottfried JA, Körding KP
Current Biology (Abstract, PDF)

Towards perceiving robots as humans – three handshake models face the Turing-like handshake test (2012)
Avraham G, Nisky I, Fernandes HL, Acuna DE, Körding KP, Loeb GE, Karniel A
IEEE Transactions on Haptics (Abstract)

Measuring generalization of visuomotor perturbations in wrist movements using mobile phones (2011)
Fernandes HL*, Albert MV*, Körding KP (*authors contributed equally)
PLoS ONE (Article, PDF)

In praise of “false” models and rich data (2010)
Fernandes HL, Körding KP
Journal of Motor Behavior (Abstract)

Bayesian integration and non-linear feedback control in a full-body motor task (2009)
Stevenson IH, Fernandes HL, Vilares I, Wei K, and Körding KP
PLoS Computational Biology (Article, PDF)

Before 2009

Functional Classification of Genes Using Non-Negative Independent Component Analysis (2008)
Chagoyen M, Fernandes H, Carazo JM and Pascual-Montano A
Progress in Industrial Mathematics (Abstract)

Detection of Lung Nodule Candidates in Chest Radiographs (2007)
Pereira CS, Fernandes H, Mendonça AM, Campilho A
Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis (Abstract)