Reimbursements how to
posted on December 20, 2019

Purchasing and reimbursements guide


If you are:

Some of the steps below have changed in the last couple of months, and may continue to do so. Last updated Dec 2019.

Using Concur

The general steps are as follows:

Some tips for meals, food, etc

Some tips for travel reports

An example with images

Step 1. Open Concur from Penn Portal (

Step 2: Start an expense report.

Step 3. Fill out report header info with details of trip/expenses, and notes to approver.

Step 4. Add expenses, with receipt images attached.

Step 4a: Add travel allowance if applicable

Steps 5 and 6: Print report and send to Konrad for approval.

Step 7: Submit report.

Some tips for emailing

For computing equipment, if possible, it’s easiest to order from the Penn computer store (Computer Connection, so you can look up the item there first, and quote the item ID # if you find it there. Otherwise, you can look for the item on Amazon, direct from the vendor, etc, and provide a link.