How to add yourself and publication to lab page
posted on February 12, 2016

Here, we provide some description on how can you add new profile to the page by editing on Github KordingLab/ It’s very simple. You can follow the instruction below. If you have any problem, feel free to ask any lab members.

How to add yourself to lab page

You can add yourself to the page in _people folder just create file name <firstname>_<lastname>.md in the folder. We require few line of header before you start writing your page. See the following

name: Eva Dyer
position: postdoc
avatar: eva.jpg
joined: 2014

If you don’t have information, just leave it blank. The avatar will bring photo from images/people folder and display it on people page. You can also add photo in your own personal page the same way your add photo in blog post.

For position, you can choose position from 4 choices including postdoc, gradstudent, visiting, others (Honorary members). It will put you in section that you choose.

How to add new publications

All publications from the lab are located in Please upload new publication on your own!