We are hiring
posted on January 15, 2016

We are literally always hiring.

The lab consists of outstanding students and postdocs, all of them having unique skills and insights. It is a collaborative and curious environment where we may discuss human bayesian behavior in the morning, deep learning over lunch, and a totally unrelated but exciting mathematical discipline like topology during the afternoon. There are almost always subgroups discussing on one of our many whiteboards. Most team members work with other lab members and also outside collaborators. But what they all share is an excessive level of curiosity and openness to the myriad of concepts in neuroscience and beyond. Often times, focus areas of the lab grow from the interests of students, who are contributing many ideas that make the lab successful and that also make the lab very well funded. We are thus always on the lookout for exceptionally broadly interested scientists to join our team.

Obviously, we have a focus on neural data, behavior, and neuroengineering. And to be successful in those disciplines having a strong background in mathematics, statistics, and programming is very useful. As such, the lab offers the best training potential for students/postdocs that have a strong computational background. Neuroscience needs more quantitative scientists, and the brain is exciting, so a career in the area can be very rewarding for computationally strong scientists. Nonetheless, drive is crucial for success in science and a good number of lab members have developed their computational chops after joining the lab.

It is hard to know if the Kording lab is the right lab for you. But if you are interested in what we do, or what we could be doing, send an email to koerding@gmail.com. Lets get in touch.

Work with us and Argonne/ Jacobsen

For a collaboration with Argonne national lab we are looking for a programmer or a postdoc. Big data neuroscience at its best. (a) get data from whole brain xray tomography (b) store and handle the data (c) reconstruct brain data (d) make sense of it. Email kk@northwestern.edu if interested.

Work with us and Josh Vogelstein /John Hopkins University

Neuroscience/Imaging/Data position available between the labs of Konrad Kording and Joshua T. Vogelstein. A computational postdoc position is available shared between the labs of Konrad Kording and Joshua T. Vogelstein. We want to develop novel ways of analyzing imaging data, both electrical and optical. Above all we are trying to hire a great individual. Intellectually curious, broadly inspired, and with real computational skills. We would be happy to consider people who want to switch their field, e.g. from machine learning, physics, or computer science to data rich neuroscience.