A summary of the most used (frequentist) statistical tests
posted on January 2, 2016

To achieve the goal in different scale of Measurement:

Goal Interval/ratio Ordinal Nominal
Describe one group Mean, standard deviation Median; interquartile range proportion
Compare one group to
a hypothetical value
One-sample t-test; Z-test:
(for true variance known;
or very big sample size)
Wilcoxon signed rank test Chi-square test
Compare two paired
Paired t-test Wilcoxon signed rank test McNemar’s test
Compare two unpaired
Unpaired/ two-sample t-test Mann-Whitney U test Chi-square test
Compare three or more p
aired groups
ANOVA repeated measures Friedman test Cochraine Q
Compare three or more
unpaired groups
ANOVA Kruskal-Wallis Chi-square test
Quantify association
between 2 variables
Pearson correlation Spearman correlation Contigency coefficients
Predict value from
another measured
Simple linear regression