Upcoming Lab Teaching
posted on January 1, 2021

Upcoming lab teachings

Every Friday at 2pm, we get together (over pizza, sometimes) for lab teachings. On a rotating basis, each member of the lab speaks and teaches about something they know. Anything, really. Relevant and interesting topics, good skills to know, nice Python packages, neuroscientific princples, new findings and literature reviews… whatever!

Get on the listserv for announcements: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/kording-lab-teachings

Call for topics

Please list below, topics you would like to learn more about (you may share your name or not, up to you):

Spring 2023

Date Name Topic  
Jan. 13 Konrad lab philosophy  
Jan. 20 Joey VG When does a neuron represent True  
Jan. 27 David B Job talk  
Feb. 10 Richard Job talk  
Feb. 17 Tony “Variations on an Instrument” OR “Interference”  
Feb. 24 misc    
Mar. 3 misc    
Mar. 10 Ilenna COSYNE talk # spring break
Mar. 17 Konrad Landscape of DL-inspired thinking in neuro  
Mar. 24 Sebastien Tremblay Non-necessary neural activity  
Mar. 31 Chris Metalearning plasticity rules with gradients  
Apr. 7 misc    
Apr. 14 misc misc  
Apr. 21 Ad Hoc with Jordan Matelsky The architectures and math behind Large Language Models  
Apr. 28 Melanie 3d pose  
May 5 Xinyue Intro to Causal Discovery  
May 12 misc    
May 19 everyone no teaching - lab reredesign day!  

Fall 2022

Date Name Topic
Sep. 16 Ilenna Jones sequential Monte Carlo / Particle Filtering (and other things I learned at summer school)
Sep. 23 Justin Brantley What I learned about writing/figures after getting my a$$ kicked by Brett Mensh
Sep. 30 Joey R Decoding & Optimizing Episodic Memory
Oct. 7 David Barack The New Central Executive
Oct. 14 Gene Gradio and Streamlit for making online interfaces to your models
Oct. 21 n/a time for 1:1s
Oct. 28 Jordan Docker 101 for reproducible science
Nov. 4 Felipe Building a face ID app for monkeys
Nov. 11 Richard Neural networks and kernels (NTK and all that jazz)
Nov. 18 Tony Influence functions
Dec. 2 n/a time for 1:1s
Dec. 9 Konrad ChatGPT
Dec. 16 Ben Baker Aristotle’s De Anima

Spring 2022

Date Name Topic
Jan. 18 Ben Review of some papers on Dance~Intelligence
Jan. 25 Ari Kalman Filtering
Feb. 1 Richard My (pet) theory of what computation is
Feb. 8 Sébastien Tremblay Non-necessary computations in the primate brain
Feb. 15 Konrad, Ilenna, Jordan Abstract writing
Feb. 22 Tony Heterogeneous treatment effects
Mar. 1 Nachi Stern The Physical Effects of Learning
Mar. 8    
Mar. 15 Jordan Reproducible science with git, Jupyter, and LaTeX
Mar. 22 * Lab Research Talks
Mar. 29    
Apr. 5    
Apr. 12    
Apr. 19 Xiaowei Jiang Biomarkers of EEG/fNIRS
Apr. 26 Felipe Candidacy Talk: Neural Basis of Social Grooming in Primates
May. 03 David Barack Basis of Foraging
May. 10 Joey Compilers as linking hypotheses

Old lab teaching topics

Fall 2021

Date Name Topic
Sep. 21 Justin ‘Reward is enough, Silver et al. 2021’ paper presentation
Sep. 28 Ilenna ‘Parallel and Recurrent Cascade Models, Harkin et al 2021’ paper presentation
Oct. 5 Ben Discussion + Q & A on Ben’s CNI seminar on Representations in Neuroscience
Oct. 12 Jordan Matelsky “A web-app in an hour: Frontend, backend, and rolling to production.” (Hands-on coding)
Oct. 19 Nidhi Role of the cerebellum in cognition
Oct. 26 Felipe Behavioral Diversity for Cognition
Nov. 2 Richard (tentative) fun with numerical differentiation and integration tricks
Nov. 9 Tony Causal inference through the DoWhy package
Nov. 16 Compute Czars “Hackathon” for maintaining lab servers
Nov. 23    
Nov. 30    
Dec. 7 Saeed Salehi Julia programming language
Dec. 14 * Lab Research Presentations
Dec. 21    

Summer 2021

Date Name Topic
Jun. 11 everyone! each share a cool thing we’ve found / are working on
Jun. 18 Mark Badger Birds of a feather flock together in 3D shape space
Jun. 25    
Jul. 2 canceled  
Jul. 9 everyone! each share a cool thing we’ve found / are working on
Jul. 16 Tony Mini teaching: sensitivity analysis
Jul. 23 canceled  
Jul. 30 Richard Fancy regression with structured data and measurement error
Aug. 6 Ben TBD
Aug. 13 Gene TBD
Aug. 20    
Aug. 27    

Fall semester begins during the week of Aug 30

Spring 2021

Date Name Topic
Feb. 12    
Feb. 19    
Feb. 26 Tony Asymptotic theory towards double ML
Mar. 5 Richard MCMC sampling
Mar. 12    
Mar. 19 Roozbeh AlphaFold
Mar. 26 Ilenna The New Problem of Induction
Apr. 2    
Apr. 9 Ben B. A Philosophical Understanding of Representations for Neruoscience
Apr. 16 Joshua Glaser Interpretable Machine Learning for Neuroscience
Apr. 23 Richard Kernels and Gaussian Processes
Apr. 30 Ilenna Normal, Extraordinary, and Revolutionary Science
May. 7 Lab break  
May. 14 Lab break  
May. 21 Lab break  
May. 28 Lab break  

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