Upcoming lab teachings

Every Wednesday, we get together (over pizza, sometimes) for lab teachings. On a rotating basis, each member of the lab speaks and teaches about something they know. Anything, really. Relevant and interesting topics, good skills to know, nice Python packages, neuroscientific princples, new findings and literature reviews… whatever!

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Spring 2020 topics

Date Name Topic
Jan. 15 Ari Variational Inference
Jan. 22 Roozbeh Why overparameterized deep networks generalize well?
Jan. 29 Pedro Canonical Correlation Analysis + Update on my research on dimensionality of populations of neurons
Feb. 5    
Feb. 12    
Feb. 19 Brad Wyble TBA
Feb. 26 Tony The deconfounder: blessing or curse?
Mar. 4 Nidhi TBA
Mar. 11 Titipat Canceled
Mar. 18 Ben Convex Optimization
Mar. 25 Sebastien Tremblay TBA
Apr. 1 Rachit Data Visualization
Apr. 8 Alex Filipowicz TBA
Apr. 15 Ilenna TBA
Apr. 22    
Apr. 29 Ben Baker Embodied Cognition
May 6 Nachi Stern Design and learning in physical networks
May 13    

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