Pedro Ribeiro




Pedro graduated from Oberlin College in 2018 with a Major in Computer Science and minor in Math. At Oberlin he worked in Dr. Leslie Kwakye’s lab on multisensory integration via Virtual Reality. He started a Bioengineering Ph.D at the University of Pennsylvania in 2018 where he joined Konrad Kording’s lab.

Research Interests

Recent advances in machine learning methods have created an interesting intersection between neuroscience, whose goal is to study intelligent systems, and AI, whose goal is to create intelligent artificial systems. I want to combine these two approaches to see how research in one can illuminate discovery and advances in the other. Neural systems are incredibly complex, therefore in neuroscience, it can be difficult to know which questions to ask. I have found, in my research, that machine learning can reveal underlying structures in neural data and help shape new hypotheses. During my Ph.D, I want to develop machine learning models to better understand the brain and contribute to biomedical advances, such as machine learning for neuroprosthesis or brain-computer-interfaces.