Upcoming lab teachings
posted on January 1, 2021

Upcoming lab teachings

Every Friday, we get together (over pizza, sometimes) for lab teachings. On a rotating basis, each member of the lab speaks and teaches about something they know. Anything, really. Relevant and interesting topics, good skills to know, nice Python packages, neuroscientific princples, new findings and literature reviews… whatever!

Get on the listserve for announcements: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/kording-lab-teachings

Summer 2021

Date Name Topic
Jun. 11 everyone! each share a cool thing we’ve found / are working on
Jun. 18 Mark Badger Birds of a feather flock together in 3D shape space
Jun. 25    
Jul. 2 Ilenna TBD
Jul. 9 Felipe A semi-supervised framework for keypoint detection
Jul. 16 Tony TBD
Jul. 23 Roozbeh TBD
Jul. 30 Amandeep TBD
Aug. 6 Ben TBD
Aug. 13    
Aug. 20    
Aug. 27    

Fall semester begins during the week of Aug 30

Recently taught topics

For inspiration. Add ones you’ve done!!

Spring 2021

Date Name Topic
Feb. 12    
Feb. 19    
Feb. 26 Tony Asymptotic theory towards double ML
Mar. 5 Richard MCMC sampling
Mar. 12    
Mar. 19 Roozbeh AlphaFold
Mar. 26 Ilenna The New Problem of Induction
Apr. 2    
Apr. 9 Ben B. A Philosophical Understanding of Representations for Neruoscience
Apr. 16 Joshua Glaser Interpretable Machine Learning for Neuroscience
Apr. 23 Richard Kernels and Gaussian Processes
Apr. 30 Ilenna Normal, Extraordinary, and Revolutionary Science
May. 7 Lab break  
May. 14 Lab break  
May. 21 Lab break  
May. 28 Lab break  

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