Conferences policies
posted on January 21, 2016

Attending conferences

As the lab has been growing in size it seems useful to describe the standard conference policies.

  1. Attending conferences is an important career investment. Lab members are highly encouraged to attend 1-2 conferences a year. Significantly more gets to be a drain on time and resources. Significantly less jeopardizes networking which is crucial for academic success.
  2. Conferences are most useful when presenting there. As such, unless there are exceptional circumstances, lab members are expected to present at conferences that they attend.
  3. Conferences are a way of getting feedback on a project. As such, each project should be presented by one person (generally the lead author) at one conference. If a lot of progress has been made since the last conference then the new version of a project can be presented at a new conference. Still by and large there should be a one project, one person, one presentation correspondance.
  4. Conferences are a way of socializing with other people/labs/ideas. As such, lab members should not socialize with one another at conferences.
  5. Please discuss any exceptions you require.